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Tuesday, May 12


The Platform Business Model
Social media killed the newspaper, taxi drivers go on strike against a startup called Uber, Github is a billion dollar source code repository, Windows Phone has a hard time competing with Android and IPhone, Airbnb is worth 5 times as much as Hilton Hotels. Why? All of these surprising and seemingly unrelated facts actually do have something in common, and it's called the 'platform business model'. In this non-technical session I will explain you how the model works, so that you can use it to attack your rival businesses!

avatar for Yves Goeleven

Yves Goeleven

Solution Architect, Goeleven BVBA
Yves has been shipping enterprise and cloud software since 2001. He is specialized in the design of distributed software systems using messaging. He works as a Solution Architect for Particular Software (NServiceBus), where he is working on support for the Azure platform. He is one... Read More →

Tuesday May 12, 2015 11:30 - 12:30
Room 10
Wednesday, May 13


Internet of things...a road to success or absolute failure
A magic ring that can push gestures to your smartphone, an egg tray that can tell you when you should have eaten all the eggs. There are many inventive ways to make sure you can be a part of the IoT wave. Unfortunately a good part of the devices end up in the trash can due to many reasons. Flaky, unusable and intrusive are terms that often describe these devices.

Are we trying to hard to put every device on the internet or is it the fallacy of the next big thing?

The world could sure use some enhancement, but that doesn't mean that every device in our home should be on the internet. Some of the most pushed devices are activity tracking and home automation, but we need to go even further. We will venture through the devices that can help us, and not skip the entire security aspect. How can can we mix and match sensors to create new and awesome things...behold IoT is coming.

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Stefan Daugaard Poulsen

Stefan is a developer at Ditmer in Denmark. Since he completed his AP in Computer Science in 2003, Stefan has been venturing around in different domains, starting with catalog building on the web than ended as a PDF ready for print. Since that time he has been venturing over GIS... Read More →

Wednesday May 13, 2015 08:45 - 09:45
Room 3


You Have Too Much Time
In today’s social exchanges, “not having enough time” is a traditional excuse nearly everyone uses. I contend that, in fact, you have too much time, and it’s keeping you from changing the world. In the same way that too many choices forces indecision, having too much time brings its own share of challenges. This talk will address ways you can identify what your real priorities are (vs. what you tell yourself), show you how much of your days are truly wasted, and help you to stop feeling so overwhelmed.

avatar for Jeff Blankenburg

Jeff Blankenburg

Professional Bit Herder, Jeff Blankenburg
Ultra passionate. That’s how Jeff Blankenburg (@jeffblankenburg) describes his relationship with technology. Over the past 10 years, Jeff has enthusiastically applied his technical expertise to build industry-changing websites and marketing efforts for mega brands including Victoria’s... Read More →

Wednesday May 13, 2015 11:30 - 12:30
Room 1


Teamwork - Playing Well With Others
When you were younger you may have had the experience of lining up to get picked for teams at school or in the park for a game.  The kids who were really skilled at the game got picked first, and then the kids who could work well on a team or were popular came next.  Either right or wrong, your adult work life isn't all that much different than back then and almost all of us have to be on a team in which we have to work well with others. There can be a lot of factors that go into being a team member, but this presentation will cover having good communication, not losing sight of the big picture and what to do if you get flagged as the team captain.  There will be ideas and thoughts for all members of the team.There will be all sorts of sessions that will help you increase your skills as a developer, come to this talk to learn how be an effective team player and make yourself a first draft pick at work.

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Mike Wood

Technical Evangelist, Red Gate
Mike Wood is a Technical Evangelist for Cerebrata working with Windows Azure tools and services.He describes himself as a problem solving, outdoorsy, user group advising, dog-loving, blog writing, solution creating, event planning, married, technology speaking, father of one kind... Read More →

Wednesday May 13, 2015 16:15 - 17:15
Room 3